fresh water pump not working

[Brian] I have an 1983 Citation that I have taken out of storage. My fresh water pump worked for a few minutes and then quit working. Could it be airlocked? How do you prime it?
fresh water pump not working

[Les Adams] Brian,

Well, look for the obvious first... Blown fuse...

Additionally, is the intake screen clogged on the pump??? Is the pump running but not pumping water or does it not run at all... Look for a collapsed intake hose... The pressure switch could also be bad... Also looked for clogged intake water lines... Do you have any water pressure at all???
Need a little more information other than it stopped working...

Best Regards,
fresh water pump not working

[Brian] The pump is trying to work but nothing is coming out of the taps. Everything was drained over the winter and I was putting it back in service. I put water in directly with a hose to blow out air in the lines and then I put water into the fresh water tank. It worked for a couple of minutes and then stopped pumping (pumnp still works electrically).
fresh water pump not working

[Gary B] Brain, check to see if a bypass valve is open, either for the water heater, or a tank / line drain etc. This happened to me last winter on our way south, when we got to warmer weather I put water in the tank, went in and turned on the pump, got a little squirt of water then nothing, pump was running, it was dark and I saming oh no. Finally discovered I hadn&#039t closed the valve for filling the tank, and the pump was just ciculating water in a small cicle. Good luck GB
fresh water pump not working

[Brian] Gary thanks for your response as it makes sense. I went looking for bypasses and couldn&#039t find any that were open, if in fact they were bypasses. I will keep looking, but my problem still isn&#039t solved.