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Vera Miller

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We are new RV'ers getting ready to hit the road. Have RV with electric water hose reel. When we hook a filter at the camp site before the hose, the flow is reduced in stream and pressure :angry: . Is there are manufacturer of a water filter that allows greater than 2 gallons per minute without reducing pressure. Or are there any other suggestion on how to get good water with good flow coming into the Motor home?

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DOC & Vera


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Fresh Water

DOC & Vera, Welcome to the forum. Make sure you have the filter hooked up correctly accoring to direction of water flow. There is an arrow pointing out the direction of flow to the MH> I buy the blue filters from Wally World (about $19.00) and they last me about 3-4 months with good water pressure. I hook it to the campground spickot then fresh water hose to it then on to the MH water inlet. Also, sounds like you might have a water pressure valve somewhere in your line that might be bad or ?? Some folks also install water purification system under sink in kitchen and swear by other filter needed accoring to them. I might try it, because wife won't use any campground water for coffee or cooking (only gallon bottled water).
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Fresh Water

Never hook up to any water source without going through a pressure regulator. Then go through your filter. The better the filter, the slower the flow. I go with a 'bacteria' filter on the input, and a 'purifier' under the sink, but then I'm real fussy about my water.
I think I only get 1 gallon per minute flow, but that's been good enough for me.

Anything which keeps out sediment/particals may be enough for you, with a better under sink filter always an option for drinking. As Archer suggests, make sure that you don't have a built in pressure regulator.

Since you say that the flow is fine without the filter, there probably isn't any constrictions imposed by that electric reel.