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Fresh Water

We never drink the water in the fresh water tank in our motorhome. We are always at a location where it is a whole lot easier to just plug the hose into the system, by-pass the fresh water tank and not mess with keeping it fresh. It is a lot of weight to carry, also, if you fill it up at home and drive with it full. Actually, we never drink the water from the system at all ( I do once in a while, if making coffee), but normally we use bottled water for drinking (58 cents a gallon from Wally World). We do use system water for bathing, doing dishes, cleaning, toliet flushing, etc.
I do have a fresh water tank on my boat that is 22 gallon and I treat it with purification tablets, but still never drink it. The only way I would ever drink from the fresh water tank is if I am out in NoMan's land and can not hook up to local water.
Sorry, Guess I really didn't answer your question... :disapprove: But did give you my view.
Fresh Water

I second the motion ... buy drinking water. I don't care how "safe" the local supply is, Walkerton was a city operated water supply, Battleford as well, Dauphin too. All had bacteria and parasites and boil water orders.

Some parts of the world, such as western Manitoba the water contains sulfites which causes problems to people not used to it. So, why find out the hard way??

At $0.58 a gallon, its a good deal.
Fresh Water

quote:Originally posted by lmarley

Can anyone tell me how long your water in a motorhome water tank stays safe to drink?

I can see your point. Traveling with the extra weight may not be the best way to go. In this case there would not be any water hook up at all. The only water would be what is carried.


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Fresh Water

get good water jugs and fill them at water dispensors for .15 to .25 a gallon, which is even better than .58 a gallon
Fresh Water


I have been "camping" for a long time and have never had any problem using the water in my holding tanks. In the winter I put RV antifreeze in the tank and when I drain it in the spring I rinse the tank with vinegar. A great disinfectant and odor eliminator. The manufacturer also recommends putting bleach through it.

I don't carry a full tank, about 1/4 to 1/3. We like to use our onboard facilities rather than public restrooms.

I drain the water out of the tank when we get home and rinse it again.

While I don't disagree with the bottled water theory, where did that water come from? We all just assume it is pure. There are no government regulations on bottled water. We have to trust the source for that. But I know my home water is good.

And I have a water filter on my system where it comes into the coach. It is also a good idea to periodically pour a cup or two of vinegar into your white water hose too. They can get pretty stale rolled up and stored in a compartment.