Fridge problems

I am plugged into 120v house current, everything seems to work OK. When I am on Gas though, the burner stays on for an hour or two then the check light goes on.
I have posted about this in the past, I have disassembled the pilot and burner and cleaned the thermocouple, as suggested.
I have not yet disassembled the flue.

When I first got the camper, on the way home, some think dark brown liquid was dripping pretty badly from the fridge access door outside. This ended quickly and I contributed that to a puddle of rusty water that had collected somewhere. My camper sat for almost a year at the dealership. I have not seen this rusty water again, nor can I tell where it had collected. The fridge seemed to work OK when I first got it.

I am leaving this Thursday for Utah on Vacation, Should I replace the thermocouple? or any other service I can perform myself? I dont want to take it to the dealer for fridge service, but I think I might have to, I don't want problems with it, while on the road.
Can you guys help at all?

Gary B

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Fridge problems

Hi Chet, what make and model fridge is it? It sounds like the circuit control board is going bad, on the Dometics this was a common problem with it showing up on the gas side of the operation. If the burner ignites and stays burning for more than 45 sec. then its not the thermocouple. You can try disconnecting the battery & show power and then removing the cover of the circuit board and removing the electrical connectors one at a time and spary a little WD40 on them just to make sure you haven't got a corroded connection, it the check light still come on its more then likely a bad CB, if you have to replace it and your present one isn't under warrenty, I recomend a Dinosaur board, they are far supior to OEM baords and have a 3 yr. warrenty. Good luck :) :cool: :bleh: :approve: