full time living in a (very) cold climate


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I'm moving from Quebec to Manitoba in the fall and have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect time jump into the RV lifestyle. I've already done all the necessary downsizing and currently rent, so I have no reason to let myself be weighed down by 'stuff.' Also, since I haven't spent much time in Manitoba, I don't want to tie myself down right away and get trapped in a mortgage or lease contract, preferring to have the freedom to accept any interesting job offer without having to worry about moving yet again. Plus, I could use my 8 weeks of vacation a year to explore the neighbouring provinces and states.


I'm looking for tips on the following:

-class Cs and As that are truly winter friendly;
-living full time in a motorhome in a very cold climate (eg. I've lived without running water in winter so would forgoing this luxury already make my plan more feasible?);
-heating options (I'd be going to work during the day and leaving my cats at home, so I'd need a fairly guaranteed heat source)--has anyone tried solar powering an RV?;
-finding a place to park my RV for the winter;
-setting up and taking off in the winter (if a place won't let me spend the whole six months there, or a I decide to take a few weeks holiday in a warmer clime).
-anything I might not have thought about




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Re: full time living in a (very) cold climate

A lot if not all the new Motor homes have under house heaters that keep the water area warm so you should have no problem with having running water. I use a heat tape with insulation around the hose as well to keep my line free from freezing and if I figure it might be too cold for some ungodly reason I run a dribble of water thru my system as well.
As for class c and A, its all a matter of what you want, we looked at both before settling on an A.
We run the gas furnace for the most part in winter and also we have two inexpensive electric space heaters to pick up the slack.
There are rv parks opened in winter but not all. You will have to research that oned.