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skirk the only problems I have encountered in three years of fulltiming is rv breakdowns. And its only an 05. But they say it can happen to anyone and once I get the bugs out I will be good to go. I workamp for national parks seasonal. I spend the summer in northern parks and the winter in southern. But in between parks I wander to home area to see kids and do medical stuff at our doctors office. I have to go to VA in home state once a year for annual physical to get my yearly meds and the wife has to go to her doctor twice a year for tests for her meds and also to the dentist once a year for the usual checkups. By keeping it on the home front we dont have to change doctors or find what we need on the road. This year I spent Jan-Mar in Louisiana area site seeing, Mar-Apr at PEFO Nat Park, May stop at home area, May-Sept NOCA Nat Park, Sept home area, Sept-Jan I am at PEFO Nat Part again. In Jan I am going to Bouse, Az to winter until mid mar than we are going home are again until May than back to Noca for summer again. That should give you some kind of idea. Also enroute to and from parks we also stop and do some site seeing along the way. Right now it helps us because we get campsites with full hookups at the parks and they pay a stippance of 5 and 10 dollars a day depending on the park. We wanted to full time with the site seeing but with the high cost of gas and the repairs we have had to make we have been short on doing that. I hope no more than one or two more years and I can retire to the fulltime site seeing lifestyle.


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We've been full-timing since August. We both lost our jobs within 4 days of each other. We were selling the house to scale back anyways so we decided to still sell it and go RVing. We'd never done it before at all. We were going to move to another state and came up with the idea when we were trying to figure out how to transport the dog and 2 cats. We took the equity from the house sale and bought a used 97 Pace Arrow 36', 1 slide and a Cherokee for a toad. We still had money left, part of it went to savings and a big part for fulltiming. We're just under 40 years old and temporarily-retired. We've seen many people get too old to travel and it's too late. Yes, the pets travel with us too. We installed a cat flap in the stairwell leading to the basement. The cats go there for food and litter! We're fulltiming until the money runs out. We've been traveling all over and still have so much more to do. This country of ours is truly gorgeous. Will we ever own a house again? Will we get jobs? I'm not sure how the future will work out, I just know I'm enjoying the NOW. We're definitely had a lot of MISadventures (blog = jimandgarret.blogspot.com) but we've had a blast so far. Maybe we'll settle down for a short time and get temporary jobs, then travel again. All in all, we're 2 months into fulltiming, and have 6-8 months more to go!

Start a blog, it's a great journal tool and an awesome way to stay in touch with friends and family. You'll be able to look back at what you've done by looking at photos and reading what you did that day. Blogging is free and there's several sites out there. I use google.

Good luck!
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We are "part-time full-timers". (full time for a job for 2-5 months at a time, and then back to the stick house between jobs for a month or so). We love it except being away from family! What they've said about rv's that you meet is true: most are really nice people that help each other! The last campground we were at, after the husbands went to work, us wives that "kept the homefires burning" so to speak, put the coffee on and developed quite a comraderie! There are always going to be some bums, but overall really nice people. My kid thinks the rv lifestyle is the best thing in the world, and that was the major concern of mine when we first started this!