full time with the family

we are preparing to stay with my hubby in two weeks full time. he's liking the job he took really well, so I guess it's time to take the leap! The thing that concerns me is everybody living in such close quarters in comparison to what we're used to. Any suggestions in order to keep a killin' from taking place? :eek: :question: :shy:

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Re: full time with the family

Don't drink coffee. Full-timing generally works best with just 2 adults, but get yourself a routine that works to keep everything go smooth. Maybe for a show of force you can get a nice switch. Just kidding.:laugh: ;)


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I bought the DW the internet satellite system and the satellite television system do she will always be happy. She is usually on her pc and watchin her shows and is pleasant. LOL
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shoot, don't know if i can break my coffee habit. maybe if i added enough Bailey's..... ;) good thing is i just found out there are other people hubby works with whose families are going to start staying there too so there will be kids for our youngin to play with. i may have to consider the switch though..... gotta keep hubby in line hehe :laugh:
seriously, i'll want to get internet service. do those aircards actually get service in most places? we currently have cell phones with alltel.


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Re: full time with the family

The aircards should get service pretty much wherever the cell phone does. However, 'fast' service is generally only available in big cities. Sometimes in the sticks you are running no more than twice what a phone line would run, or even slower.

You can improve your internet coverage via aircard with a really good external cell antenna, possible with an amplifier.

Just because your phone is with Alltel, your air card does not have to be. Verizon and Sprint seem to have the widest air card coverage, but Verizon at least is somewhat ham handed, charging you $460 per Gigabyte over the 5 GB you pay for each month.
RE: full time with the family

I admire you for taking the plunge to go full time with your family. I've never been a full-timer at all (just enjoy reading about those of you who are :laugh: ) so I can't offer any advice.

I'm sure you will find some tricks and diversions of your own as you go along. Keep us posted on how things are going and how you and the family are enjoying being full timers.

Hope everything goes smoothly!

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Re: full time with the family

Tex, Why dont you have a place at the bottom for us to get your discount gas :eek: :( :laugh: What about discount batteries Hollis needs them ;) Still waiting for someone to explain why they do this but I guess It's free advertisemant :(


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Re: full time with the family

JUST GIVE ME THE DISCOUNT ON GAS, I will just JUMP it off if I have to go somewhere, OR BUY SOME NEW BATTERIES
Re: full time with the family

Hello Pipelnemama,
Having lived aboard a boat (53'trawler) in a marina (actually several) for 13 years where your neighbors are only a "finger" distance (about 6 feet) away from your boat, I think that adopting a little boat ediquite will go along way towards making your experience a good one.
First, treat other peoples property as sacred. Help others protect their stuff and always offer your help if you can.
Second. Respect each others space at all cost. Instill this in your kids and dogs and never forget it. In the boating world you always ask "Permission to come aboard" when you come to visit. This is just a given and relates to that respect.
and Third, Don't judge others....Everyone has their own lifestyle and ways of doing things. Even You may have quirks that only you understand.

I must tell you that that was the best time my wife and I have ever spent (on board that boat) We still talk about all of the good times we had and are still in touch with the friends ( an I mean Friends) we meet among the other "Live aboards" at the various marinas we inhabited. You will meet the nicest people and they will all have the same interests (living in their RV).......You will always find something to talk about...even if it the dang toilet.

Good Luck in your new adventure..!!!!! :) :)
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we are a full timing family and we love it. We have 4 kids, 2 adults and 2 dogs that live in the camper.

We find that we can spend alot of time with our kids and we really love being together.

The kids are outside alot. We usually find the local library in the area that we are in for the kids to go and read and spend time with other kids. There is always a playground anywhere that you go even if it isn't in the rv park!

There is WiFi internet most places that you go these days.
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we have a wireless aircard and it works anywhere that you can get cell phone service. So for us in some places it wasn't working but we also got crappy cell phone service!

So far the pros have outweighed the cons on this full-timing stuff. We've been back home to our "stick house" now for about a month, and we're are ready to get back to it! Now my son is bored to tears at home after seeing so much on the road. We've been moving with the job about every 2 months, so it never gets boring! The next job will last six months, and obviously will be during the winter, so I'm thinking this will be the true test of whether I'll need the switch or not! :evil: I'll keep ya'll better updated this trip, we're planning on getting a laptop this trip b/c of my internet withdrawls. Oh, and my kids schooling too :laugh: .

And the poster that mentioned the libraries and parks: those are lifesavers! They are everywhere, and a free and interesting way to kill time. With other costs going up, it's vital to have these options.

I've also been amazed how quickly we adjusted to living in a camper all together. There were some sacrifices and changes to be made, but nothing that was a very big deal!