Liz 937

New Member
I am going througha divorce and he is bringing me one of our desiel R.V. but im sure it is destroyed. He took about everything out. Solar panels, batteties from battery bank, converts, ETC ETC. What kind of converter and battery do i need jyst to charge phones and maybe some led lights and maybe smal t.v

C Nash

Senior Member
Sure this rv would have had at least 4 6 volt batteries but wired to provide 12 volts. Having said this from what I understand you are wanting you can "get by" with one 12 volt deep cycle battery. Do you mean charger or converter. If converter you would have to go with specs. If just wantinh temporary get small charger to keep batt charged for 12 volt supply. Loaded question you need someone there to see what you need. Good luck. Most any rver will help in your local area