Full Timing Soon

Well, we did it - signed the papers for a Pace Arrow 36D with full wall slide plus bed slide. Too good a deal to pass up for a new 2005 unit - like the roominess. June 30th can't arrive too soon - that's when we drive it off the lot. Does anyone on this forum have one of these units? Also, what can I look forward to as far as supplies, chemicals, etc. that I should buy beforehand. Also, has anyone gone for the package of undercoating, interior fabric and exterior protective finish? Seems expensive at ~C$3000. I do all my own home and auto repairs and was wondering what, if any, extra tools, etc. should I carry, space permitting. Thanks.
Full Timing Soon

Hi Busman,
So you have finally done it huh? been talking about it all these years and now the time has came that you hit the road.Well congradulations, I talked my wife into it and we havent looked back,All I can say is pack light, carry a set of ratchets, some assorted wrenches and a cresent wrench and a pair of channel locks. You don't need a lot of clothes, carry enough for a weeks change and you are good to go. maybe a pair of sandels. I carry an extra fan belt for the truck, and an old milk crate to set my propane tank in when I need to go get it filled so it won't turn over. I carry a piece of vinal gutter to lay the sewer line in but I think I'm going to go to one of those ramble flexiable hose supports which takes up less room. can't never have enough bunjie cords ha ha.maybe a couple lawn chairs,and you definately got to take your satelite dish with you.pick up some of those retainer rods for the refrigerator at wal mart. And I carry a 12 ton hardulic jack.I also carry an air pump that plugs into the cigeratte lighter.my wife bought me one of those fold up latters which I use all the time, got to have that,and I have 2 computers the lap top is the one we use the most now that we have a cingular card so we can get on the internet with the kids as we drive or look up what we need to. I have some of those stackable plastic levelers that you can pick up at wal mart also, I carry about a dozen 1X6 boards about 8 inches long. extra drop cord incase I'm some place and can't reach electric done that twice in 6 years.I carry 2 electric space heaters, and an electric fan. I also sprung for a small freezer to store ice in mainly it is about 12 inches wide and about 3 feet tall really comes in handy. That is just a few of the things I carry, I'm sure others can add to this list ha ha. hope you have a good time later Jim P.S. through out the matteress that came with you trailer and buy a good mattress that you will never regret.


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Full Timing Soon

The special coatings for the upholstery and the paint are a big rip off. Undercoating, if done well with a good product could be worth the money. I had it put on our motorhome and it is now just beginning to flake off in a few spots, after eight years so mine isn't too bad. It seems to be staying on in most areas. But I would be careful on that one as well since good undercoating isn't common any longer.

As to what you will need, get things like the white hose to supply drinking water, a water pressure regulator(whole house type work best), a good single ply septic friendly TP, you may want a black tank treatment and if so get one of the bacteria type. Most fulltimers use nothing at all but you do need generous amounts of water with each flush. Nature will do the rest in this case. You will want an adapter or two for power such as 50A/30A or 30A/50A depending upon which your RV uses, and a 30A/15A adapter. You may want to consider one of the good line monitors such as a Surge Guard. That should get you started.
Full Timing Soon

Thanks guys. I thought that some pre-travel info might help me over the long or short haul. Lord knows there will be enough to learn when we pick up our new RV on June 30, so I have time to be a bit prepared. Happy Holidaying.