Fulltiming in a SUnset Creek?

Are we crazy to consider it? We'll be travelling in spurts, as DH will continue to work and we'll follow his jobs as needed (working about half the year in bits and pieces). We've got 2 little ones (under 3), with plans for another about 15 months after going FT, so we def. need some room for them. We're looking at the 341SD (hybrid TT cum toy hauler) and the 296BH but no reviews yet since its so new. I've done a search and see fairly good reviews but a few recent issues with the SB lines, so I'm open to hearing of others with similar set ups. Oh, and RVCG doesn't even have reviews for the 08 SBs yet, so we don't have that resource. Right now we're primarily looking TT so we can think of moving to a big SUV when/if we need more room for car seats ;) We're aiming for at least 5 years FT.

Re: Fulltiming in a SUnset Creek?

We have been selling Sunset Creek about a year now and are very happy with customer feelings. There have been minor things, but NOTHING major at all. All of our warranty issues have been with items SunnyBrook bought and bolted on the trailer. Nothing with the integrity of the trailer itself.

You state you are looking at the 296BH, I think you mean the 298BH. If I am correct, it is best selling floorplan they have. At times this year, we could not keep it in stock. It is a great floorplan. Right now, I have 2 in stock. One is the regular Sunset Creek, the other is a Limited Edition. The LE is built differently, but is $2000.00 less.
Re: Fulltiming in a SUnset Creek?

Nope, I mean the 296 ;) I might have my last two letters wrong as the book I write in is out in the car, but its brand new...Apparently only 2 dealers have it so far...Our Camping World in Tallahassee has one. Front bunks, the side half door for storage, but the bunks only overlap at one end w/ a bench underneath one. Sorry, hard to describe. Other than the change in bunk plan and reverse floorplan, it is otherwise similar to the 298BH.

But, glad to hear its getting decent reviews...Haven't been real impressed with the salespeople at the local shop so I never know what to think from them :bleh:
Re: Fulltiming in a SUnset Creek?

OH yes, It is not in the brochure yet and that is what I was looking at. I have received a fax on that floorplan, but as most of us, have not stocked it yet. It is basically the reverse of the 298.
All Sunset Creeks are built the same. Look at the overall reviews of Sunset Creek, a different floorplan will not change the quality. You will be getting one of the best trailers built, for the price.