Funny RV Experience


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Funny RV Experience

Funny ha-ha or funny wierd?

How about the time we pulled into a rest area in Pennsylvania (it was pretty much empty) and went back to the trailer to sleep. My companion kept insisting she heard cows but I told her she was dreaming. The next morning, we found that a cattle trailer had been parked as close to us as it could get, and the side of our trailer had changed color from white to speckled with yellow/brown. The rest area was still mostly empty...


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Funny RV Experience

Better half and I were driving down the road in Florida and she said, "Oh what a beautiful Moon, it is so perfectly ROUND". A little further down the road we realized why it was so "perfectly round" was a BURGER KING sign that was up really high on a pole. We started laughing so hard that I had to pull over for fear of wrecking the rig. Now, every time we see a Burger Kind sign, we just can't keep from is so simple.......and it is the simple things that make us smile........ :)
Funny RV Experience

A Castle on wheels is where I want to be
Just rollin’ down the road, livin a life thats free
G ^ C
Seein’ the sights all along the way
D C wlk G
And making new friends each and every day
Livin in an RV is a lot of fun
But funny things can happen when you’re on a run
Don’t take things for granted it’ll bite you on the butt
D C wlk G
RVs can make you feel like a nut
Filled up the tank and forgot about the cap
Backing in our site I saw the fuel spillin out
I ran to the window to get my wife to stop
Diesel fuel was pourin out but the fuel flap was locked
A strong wind was a blowin as we went down the road
We heard a loud bang on the side of the coach
The awning flipped out and hit us on the side
Now it gets locked before we go for a ride
Pullin out of a site in Branson one day
My wife was walkin back from the dumpster up the way
She started screamin Oh what a fright
The power cable was plugged and it was getting tight
Putting out the slides on a cold and rainy day
A drawer got caught and its face got ripped away
Now I make sure that I shut all the drawers
So I won’t rip the face off a drawer anymore
Down in the Ozarks hookin up the hose
Pulled the black tank handle let the stinky water flow
I forgot to put the hose in the ground
Black water was flowin thru the campground
Funny RV Experience

Our travels from Los Angeles north to Oregan we took PCH, Hwy 1. As we were going through Big Sur we went through a traffic construction zone, the flag man waved us through. Forgetting about the construction zone, flagman we pulled over on the side of the road for some lunch and bathroom break. It seemed real strange that no traffic was going up or down the swichbacks. Suddenly I realized that we passed the first flagman but not the second. We got in the truck and continued on our journey north. Yes, we finally passed the second flagman, and a line of stopped cars, buses, RV's, trucks, all waiting for us. As we passed these vehicals everyone applauded and waved. Now this really isn't so bad but being in street work this really embarrassed me. VACTIONS THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN ! ! ! ! :blush: