Furnace Problems

This is the third Travel Trailer that I have owned, and the third to have furnace problems. I have an 06 Gulfstream and just got back from a cold stay at Lake Murray in Oklahoma. The problem is that my furnace started to work, went through two cycles and now has quit. I have gas, the 12 volt battery is fully charged and the other appliances work well. I can smell gas coming from the exhaust outlet of the furnace and I think that I can hear the clicking of the electric lighter. Why is it not working. I can work on most anything, but pulling a furnace out is a task and it costs to take it into the shop. Is there an easy way to figure out the problem. It has a wall thermostat for both the heater and the a/c.


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How cold was it when it quit working???? Just asking cause sometimes the regulator can freeze ,, oops i forgot u said u smelled gas ,, ok next ? ,,, were u running any other heating unit ,, such as the heat pump (if u have one)
If u can give us some more info on when and what happend when it quit ,,
U may have a ignitor board prob ,, but that's JMO ,, also what type of furnace do u have????
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Well, the temperature was only about 40 degrees. The furnace is a Suburban model 42F. I believe you mentioned a circuit board, and would that be on the furnace or would that be on the electrical panel. When I first got the trailer, it did the same thing, but then started working fine. It was only on our last trip that it started doing it again. I just went outside to try it and it stilll does not work. As far as other appliances, I was running my gas water heater but my fridge was on electricity. When I tried it a few minutes ago, all other appliances were off. Phil
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I sure hope it is not the circuit board, although anything involving the furnace could be expensive. Say you are from Utah or just visiting. My brother went up there in September of last year for a reunion at the Mountain Meadows Massacre site. Our GGGrandfather was in the wagon train that was involved in the massacre. Anyway, thanks for the info. Phil
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Another thing is that spiders LOVE propane. Always carry a can of air, from office supply store, & blow out everything.
It could be silk from the spider causing the intermittant problem.

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The circuit board should be in the furnace area you access from outside. Just had one replaced but the extened warranty paid for it. We are from utah and are here right now for another week than we head to arizona.