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GAS @ diesal cost

C Nash;77231 said:
Well hope I didnt offend you by asking if you were from the USA. It was just that we have a lot of other nationality people and they sometines have a problem understanding us as we do them. Cars really get interesting as some call the hoods bonnets and I cant remember what they call windshields. I find it interesting. yes there are tons of information here but just remember it is opinions and not gospel. Hope you find a local rv tech that will help. There should be plenty in the Atlanta area. Ck with local rvers and see who they recommend. Good luck
Down under we call a windshield a WINDSCREEN.MR BIG BILKO:stupid:
Jim, If I may ask this. But why do you call it a rock catcher? Did you have a bad experience? I was just kind of thinking over things like that. I know that this blog was orginally about Gas and Deisel prices. But in one way or the other, I think it got off the original blog. I feel that I am to Blame for this. I hope due to me being new here, I did not cause any type of foul up from the original blog. If I did, I did not make it my intention to do so.

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ninjabunny, no problem with off of original post. That's what is so great about this forum. We do that all the time. Trips to Alaska normally get several rocks hitting windshiesd/windscreen (thanks Big Bilko) is what Jim was speaking about (I think). We were lucky> Drove the MH all the way towing the tracker. Even drove the tracker all the way to Prudoe Bay and no rocks hitting the windshield. Got back to Alabama and cracked both the windshield on MH and Tracker.
I am sorry to hear that Chelse. I am sorry for your misfortune. I have not experienced any unfortunate happenings as of yet on my Motorhome. But from what I have been reading on this blog spot. I will experience some of them. I hope not. But I will handle them as they come about. I have contacted Jake , my former service person. He did tell me about a Recreational Vehicle shop near here. He stated that they do good work. He did not say if or not they were honest or would be willing to pick my Motorhome up. Jake just stated that he was familar with them and they seem to have alot of business. I will call them as soon as i return from my travel.
Please, call me Niki. I would feel better about that. After all , I am calling you Chelse.


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hey NINJA BUNNY do you now a guy name Rod Baker. He is a man of many talents. BTW if you are a retired lawyer, why do you make so many mistakes in spelling and gramma. Just asking. Your first post was so long and there was no punctuation at all, no ending of a sentance or caps on any pronouns. Just asking that you just be who u are, you don't have to say things to impress us. We are just good old guys, some with more education than other,(I am not the one with more) I am just a southern red neck who love life. Have a good one.


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Niki - My trip to Alaska last Spring was costly. I got two rock chips in Canada on the way up. On the way South in the Fall, I got two more chips and a HOLE!! About 15 miles outside of Dawson Creek I was passed by a oil field service truck that had just came from a muddy, rocky side road. He threw a rock the size of a golf ball that put a HOLE in my windshield (or windscreen per Big Bilko). Sprayed glass fragments all over the inside of the cab to include me and the Boss Lady. Luckily it hit the center of the windshield instead of directly in front of me. Scared the living s**t out of me.

I had a nice new windshield installed when we got home to Florida and now I'm a hoping and a praying that I can get thru Canada next month without a repeat performance. I will post up a trip report and let everybody know how we do this year.:):)


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Hi folks:
I definitely see Hollis' point regarding flying for his trip. Here in Texas, Diesel is running from $3.76 to $4.00 +. For us fulltime RV'ing has become a choice we would never have thought to make if not for the incredibly high mortgages so many of us are burdened with and the desire to travel, if one is content to live 24/7 in the equivalent of a bed sitter. And the freedom of getting up in the morning and saying "Let's go north." (or south or anywhere for that matter) is something one has to experience to appreciate. I just discovered this Forum whilst researching RV's for sale which are a bit more intimidating than a 14x8 caravan I must say. Very interesting reading here and I enjoy your comradeship with each other.


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Welcome Julie, and by all means jump in any time you want to. I am so glad that gas and diesel are coming down, slowly, but it is falling. Ever wonder why it always goes up so fast and it seem like forever for it to fall. I think the Stations hate to give up the profit so fast. You mention you found this site while looking for RV for sale, does that mean you are looking for another. Anyway enjoy your freedom and RV'ing.

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RVing is great. Bill collectors have a hard time catching up with you. If you dont like your neighbor move or if they dont like you they can move. If the grass needs cutting move to where someone has already cut it. Go in any direction you want. South in winter north to Mnts in summer. Now if we can just get the wedding over with and the family reunion over maybe we can hit the rd again. Sure wish we were able to follow Jim to Alaska. Welcome to the forum Julie.
Hollis, Your statment is Argumenative and I find it to be in (Bad Faith). Sir, I do not know the person you have mentioned, nor can I find such a person anywhere on this forum.


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The person is YOU, Ninjabunny go read your first post. It is not argumenative, just the truth. So now you would like to talk like a lawyer. I think you are a fake. prove me wrong! Pm me you law office where you was working, and I will call and ask them myself. PM by midnight to night, or I will know you are a fake

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Jim we would love to make that trip again. Alaska is awsome!!! We loved it. Have kinfolks up there. Catching salmon would be great and eating them better. Have a safe trip
Hollis, If you would look up the term Bad Faith you will see what I have meant . I owned my own law firm. This forum is not for arguments, politics or religion. It is a open public forum! I i feel that most that are on here, do not want to see this type of actions. I was told of this forum by a friend of mine that I travel with. She came across it and told me about it. Yes, my first (post) as you call it was very poor. I did not like it. So I have since beeen trying to be more responsible on the way I present myself.

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We may be coming through Ga soon Ninja. If you can let me know where the MH is I would be glad to ck it out. Not a certified rv tech but have over 50 yrs mechanic service. Just a has been that once was now but still now a little
Thank you, Chelse. It is still in storage now. I would be more then happy to let you look at it. I can not keep it at my residents due to the Subdivison rules. I live in a Condo anyway. There is no where to park it anyway. But please, Chelse, let me know when you will be in the Atlanta area and I will be more then happy to take you to the Motorhome.


damn i guess i have been missing out on alot of stuff going on here.. i have been spending alot of time on another forum and having a ball ,, and btw i think u all know who ia am ,, i am sure ken has let u all know :) :) :) i nedd to catch up on here ,, seems like alot going on ,, and not many rv stuff getting annswered ,, to bad ,, i really liked to help out here ,, but from what i have seen in the last few days ,, not good ,, oh well , i guess nothing has changed ,, i log in at late hr after everyone is gone ,, oh well ,, i am off to the other place ,, where they stay up longer them me :)