Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Well, the farmers aren't paying road tax on their diesel. I wonder if any of that every finds its way into their road vehicles? Farmers buy propane for much less than the average consumer. Yes, they use more for drying grain but someone else ends up paying for that on down the line somewhere. All businesses have to increase prices or cut costs to balance increasing fuel costs. My propane expense this coming year would have been a burden. So we put in a corn burner. Gotta buy the corn but it will always be much less than the fossil fuel. Less convenient but much less money. We need to cut consumption if we want the prices to go down. Simple economics. The inflationary nature of the whole thing may cause some of us to have to cut way back, maybe even sell the RV. But let's keep the government out, they screw up enough stuff as it is. Krazee
Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Sell the RV? nahhh.. lets not be give in to temptation yet. As high as the prices are right now, I think it'll eventually come down. Have faith everyone, It'll always work out in the end

from what I gathered from your previous reponse, I can just go fill up my truck with BIO and drive without worrying about damges it may cause? Any pennies saved sounds good to me. Thanks
Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

I forgot to tell you all, Diesel here is averaging about $3.39 with the high of about $3.69 a few miles down the road. The truck stops gives the best prices here at $3.39

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Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Hi ozone, yes the 2 to 5% there is nothing to worry about , but there is no price reduction here in MN. There has been some reports of the 10% & 20% clogging fuel filters on trucks and farmer vehicles but maybe they were about due for a filter change anyway, or its a possibility that the soy-oil loosened up some crud in the tanks or maybe in the future fuel filters will have to be changed a little. But there has been no problems at all with the 2 or 5% fuels.
Hi Krazee yes its true there is no road tax on farm fuels or home heating it is also dyed red and if your caught with it in your on road vehicle it can be up to a $10,000.00 fine and since part of the tax is Fed. tax the IRS is involved and they consider it tax evasion and get very nasty, like towing & impounding your vehicle and here in MN. the MN DOT sets up check points and they sample the fuel in you tank, takes them all of about 28 sec. NOT WORTH IT IN MY BOOK.
Yes corn burners are selling good here also and you are right on all points and the way I see it every gallon of petro we don't burn the better off we are or will be.
What I meant by getting the government involved is most of these prices have nothing to due with supply & deman it's the speculators that are driving the prices not just the oil companies. You know its crooked when thay put a name on a storm and fuel prices just $.50 per gallon, we have to get the speculators out.
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Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

The $2.99 per gal. price I quoted was from our local Exxon station. As Gary stated, it wouldn't be wise to be running farm diesel in your personal vehicle. Diesel here runs anywhere from $2.89 to $3.39 per gal. depending on which way the wind blows. Hate to see the government meddle in anything, but Gary has a point. Maybe we need a temporary freeze till the dust settles. Maybe 90 days or so. Who knows. Won't be selling the RV or the boat. Need some kind of stress relief :)
Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

So we agree we are still willing to pay $3/gallon to run our toys. Now the oil companies' motive to lower prices is what?????? If the boss gave you a 25% raise unexpectedly and you knew that eventully it would hurt the business, how long before you volunteered to take less money? It's not gonna happen. I wish I had saved the email analogy about buying eggs. It would be nice if we could get everyone (a fantasy, I know) to just buy the fuel they needed for that day. It wouldn't be too long before the pipelines and tank farms were bulging. The price would have to come down to induce more sales and keep things flowing. I'm just Krazee ;)
Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Hello this is in reference to using straight veggie oil in your tank. The only issue with SVO is that you need to have something to start the vehicle with. I have a ford f250 with dual tank now I use biodiesel but if I wanted to use SVO I would just need to put a heater on one of the tank with SVO in it and diesel/Biodiesel in the other tank. I would need to start the truck with the diesel or Biodiesel (both are the same) and then switch to SVO after about 5-10 min. Then when I stopped I would want to Switch back to Bio or diesel 10 min before I stop so it would clean all the SVO out of the injectors.

Also someone mentioned cloging fuel filters with Biodiesel. This will only happen about a month after you start using Bio because all the sludge in your tank is cleaned out and left in your filter. This is because the biodiesel cleans the tank. This should only happen once. at least that is from the experience of me and my uncle and it seems most of the internet. (I have done alot of research on this because every person who asks about it comes back after talking with their machanic and tells me the machanic says over 10% bio will break your car.

Just my two cents.

Thank you,
Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Help for a diesel dummy please!

I have a 2000' Dodge Ram 3500 diesel dually for a year now and wondering what I can do to keep this Truck running for a long time to come. Would adding Oil addidtive helps?..any suggestions would be great help. Thanks so much.

Gary B

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Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Hi Ozone, just do good regular maintenance, use preminum diesel oils like Mobile Delvac or Shell Rotella, change the oil every 4000 miles, change the fuel filter every 12000, change the air filter every 8000 or less if driving dusty roads and always change the oil fiter with every oil change.
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Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Check out

There is alot of information there and I can help you if you need with how to set it up. I think my setup is better then the hotwater tank idea.
Also before you start anything make sure you have a source for Methanol,Lye and Waste oil.

oh and don't pay for waste oil some one is always looking to get rid of it and if people keep giving money for it that just makes it harder for the rest of us.
Gas/Diesel Fuel Prices

Here is something to think about,

*** Diesel fuel cost more than gasoline but gives better mileage
*** Gasoline is cheaper but gives poorer mileage compared to diesel

So just "Generally Speaking" the good part of one cancels out the bad part of the other.. or in other words the cost of fuel per mile will come out pretty close to the same for either one..

That being the case, I would look at the other factors between diesel and gasoline powered trucks.

The diesel engines of today are a thousand times better than their predecessors.
Todays diesel vehicle can "come off the line" as quick as many v-8 gasoline vehicles can.
The diesel is built stronger than a gas engine.
The diesel engine will last longer than the gas engine when both types are given proper maintenance and upkeep.

The diesel will produce more strength (horsepower, torque) than the gas engine will.. and that gives more pulling power with a lot less strain on the engine.

Please don't get me wrong, I am NOT against gas engines, they have their place in the scheme of things.
But in my opinion,, a truck should have a diesel engine and the gasoline engines are great for the family car..

The Europeans have known for decades that the diesel is the better way to go.. We Americans are slowly catching up to the modern world.. and one day everything will be diesel powered.. using alternative fuels made from corn, soybeans or other oil producing plant life..

I personally don't want any truck that is not diesel powered.

Once again,,, just my opinion, and to each their own

oh by the way... as far as a certain person goes, just ignore him, all he does is try to put other people down.. I talked to another forum's owner last year and was told that he is real close to the edge of being kicked off that particular forum because he is an agitator.