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We have just bought our first RV (an older unit) and have really enjoyed it, I didn't have any misconceptions about gas mileage when we bought the motorhome so no real disappointments. My question is, how much better gas mileaage do you get with a newer model that has overdrive?
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I have a 26' (short) Damon, and get 10.5+ mpg driving 55-62 mph. It doesn't stress me out and DW also drives.
If you have a bigger rig, it will be less. Just came back from CO elk hunting, traveled in a friends unit, 33' and we
got 7 mpg. '98 tropical FORD engine.
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I had a 1988 Gas Crosscountry, got between 6.5 & 7 MPG. Purchased a 2007 Crosscountry Diesel 300 HP Cummins, I have gotton 9, 10.4 and 9.8 on three tanks driving between 60 and 65 mph pulling a Jeep GC. I had plenty of power in the Smokie Mountains. Another plus I set the Cruse Control and it seldom down shifts. I would not use the cruse when I traveled through hills with the old Gas MH. I agree with a post I read, "Don't drive a Diesel Pusher unless you are ready to by one."


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With our 87 Allegro, 25' powered by a non-injected 454 and a GVWR of 12.5K and it got 6 - 7 mpg. Now travel in a 35' Cruise Master on a 99 Triton V-10, GVWR of 18K and towing a Honda CR-V and we get a pretty consistand 8-9mpg. The travel speeds are pretty much the same.
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Thanks all, we have a 1990 26' Flair and I usually travel around 60 mph and have been getting around 8 mpg, which is about average I guess. We have really enjoyed it so far traveling between SC and NC with all the grandbabies and granddog. Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!!! :)