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Just read DL's post about paying $2.25 for gas, ours has gone down too. Yesterday I paid $2.80 a gal. I told DW about it and she said she thinks it's because elections are coming up. That couldn't have anything to do with it, now could it? It sure would be nice to see $2.00 a gal. Keep the shiny side up. Jerry
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TexasClodhopper - 9/3/2006 8:55 PM

If you knew what I know, you would understand. Market conditions. (There isn't any more room to store the stuff!)
Would be willing to allow them to store several hundred gallons at my place, for a percentage of course.... :evil:
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That's a good one! Would you want a pump with that, too? ;) That would be a good way to get rid of your neighbor(hood)! You might need a fire extinguisher, too.

Reminds me of the time I went to an Exxon chemical plant in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Then I came back a few days later after the explosion. It seems that two employees were performing their regular duties of driving around a tank farm. Each tank is surrounded by a berm (a ring of dirt about 8 feet high), so their drive in a pickup truck consisted of going up and down over these berms to check each tank on the inside of the berm. Unbeknownst to them, one of the tanks had sprung a leak during the previous shift and had filled the inside of this berm with vapors. Something in the truck ignited it just as the pickup truck reached the inside of the berm. That's where they found them.

I don't think you really want that much stuff in your back yard at any price. :dead:
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TexasClodhopper - 9/4/2006 6:02 AM

I don't think you really want that much stuff in your back yard at any price. :dead:
At the rate I've been going through it this summer, I don't think it would stay there long enough to burn..... :bleh:
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Well, here I go again. Since the current administration gave the oil companies a 17 billion dollar subsidie, I think they could afford to cut prices a little until after the election. Then all that storage area will suddenly reappear and the demand will far surpass the supply. Politics makes for some very strange bedfellows and some very comfortable ones too.
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Ron, ya seem to have all the answers. I cain't believe you ain't the most sought after answerman in the government. You make it seem so easy!

Maybe you ought to run against Hilray. At least our RV's would come down in price. What? You wouldn't subsidize GM motorhomes? Shame on you!
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I got this prediction from an RV online publication, so I am safe. :)

They are predicting $2.00 gas by Thanksgiving. Around here Reg. gas is about $2.50. What gets me is the diesel has only dropped about .05 when gas has dropped over .35.
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Still comes down to the fact that we are paying double what we were paying 6 years ago. And who had all those secret meetings with the Oil Execs before putting together an Energy Policy that clearly leans in the direction of the Corporations? So just be happy. And gasoline isn't gasoline until it has been refined. So the oil can be stored in rail cars, on ships, or in tanks. Or just left in the ground until the price goes up again after the election. I don't have all the answers, Texas, but I have been involved for a long time. Longer than I care to remember.

A US Congressman told me once that there are only two things politicians recognize. One is money and the other is votes. If the votes stay home, money runs the show. That is the reason K-Street has so much power. Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

It is like my wife going shopping and coming home telling me she saved a lot of money cause she bought everything on sale. If she hadn't bought it at all she would have saved me money. So paying $2.00 for gasoline that use to cost $1.22 isn't exactly saving me money. Especially since our wages haven't gone up nor is there Cost of Living figured into pensions.

So I am glad I am not paying $3.00 a gallon, but I am not ecstatic about the fact that it went down to $2. 67.

Funny how this economy keeps growing while companies like Intel announces that another 10,000 people will join the ranks of the unemployed along with the 3,000 that have already been cut. Guess they can get a job with the government.

I ain't gettting into this again. The Land of Opportunity has turned into the land of hope you don't go bankrupt and have your house foreclosed. It is just a good thing we are so resilent as a nation.
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Funny, my Grandpaw always use to say, "Did you hear about the man who was crying cause he didn't have any shoes until he met the man who didn't have any feet?" He also said, "A dog never goes so far but that his tail doesn't follow him."

DL Rupper

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Do any US Corporations even own any major gas/oil companies currently. BP is British Petroleum, Citgo is owned by that Communist Dictator down in Venezuela. Not sure about the other 3 or 4. The global futures market dictates the price per barrel of oil. The Mid-East oil cartel determines how many barrels of oil can be produced. The environmentalists stopping construction of any new oil refinery in the last 30 years is the reason we can only refine a finite amount of gas. So what is all this trash about the current administration. Just more blame it on Bush crap. Just trash talk. Lets get back to how the price impacts how far we can travel in our RV's. :dead:
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Well, they are in control, have been for six years now. Isn't sort of a given that the current occupants get blamed for things that affect us adversely? So I think Bush is a Moron and you think he is doing a good job. Either way, gas and diesel fuel cost more now than it did 6 years ago. And we subsidize the oil companies whether they are American or Foreign owned. I think Marathon is the only American owned oil company now. And that stuff about the EPA is crap. If they wanted to develop a new refinery they could. Sort of like the protest that comes out whenever Wal-mart wants to build a new store. The citizens protest, go to meetings, sign petitions against the development and Wal-mart builds anyway. And the citizens go on about their business. And the Dictator in Venezuela isn't a Communist. He was elected in a Democracy. He is just a fruitcake. Sometimes they get elected.

Actually the high cost of gas hasn't really affected RV travel because most people that own them are upper middle-class.

DL Rupper

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RE: Gas prices

Yeh, so am I. Ok, so Chavez isn't a dictator, he is still a communist. Time to get back to RV'ing or we will be having too much fun. :dead: