Gas Rv's only good for 50,000 miles


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Gas Rv's only good for 50,000 miles

Hey David,

As for miliage limitations this is something I just don't accept. I think the mechnic was mostly a Ford or other Pro.

My Class A 34ft Cruise Air III w/7.5L Ford has 60k recently it has been parked with a remodel on the chassic and interior. When tahing the 150 mile trip here there was an great open highway in front of me. Over 100mph held for 40 miles no overheating no knocking just a real sweet hum. Just wanted to see if she still had it in her.

Use quailty bolt on performance and don't think that the plain label store brand oil is just as good as others. And sorry if this offends some but take what you mechanic says with as much credit as you would a salesman. Look under the hood yourself! Reason is I've been cheated by both as well as done both. I'm still looking for the other 2 feet of my motorhome, I was told it was a 36 foot. Oh well!

Eddie Carey