gasoline filling problem

On my New/used 1993 Ford e350/cobra passport, today I tried filling the the gas tank for the first time, and no matter how slow I pumped in the gas, the filler neck kept belching, and kept shutting off the gas I turned the gas pump nozzle every which way, without any difference. What can I do to get the filler to accept the gas whether slow medium or fast, without belching back :question: From the location of the gas tank I've got about 3 to 4 feet of filler hose. :eek:

Thanks everyone



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gasoline filling problem

First, I'd try a different station. I have that problem once in a while but always at the same station.
Just a thought..... :)
gasoline filling problem

Hi Jerry,

It sounds like the "vent tube" is either too long and the bottom end is actually below the liquid (gasoline) level or it's clogged,pinched closed, bent, etc.

Remove the gas cap and look close at the opening of the fill-pipe. There is a small hole near the lip of and inside of, the pipe ... this is the top end of a "vent" tube that extends down the fill-pipe and ends just inside the top of the tank. It allows air from the gas tank to escape when fueling.

You have probably noticed that little amounts of gasoline squirt back from this hole just before the nozzle cuts off.

As for a cure, the only thing I can think of is to take it to a repair shop and have them check it out. They may have to drop the gas tank to do this.

Hopefully it's something simple like this,

Best of luck,
gasoline filling problem

Check the vent pipe where it enters into the tank, if it is a rubber hose it may have sagged and created a pocket of gasoline and is preventing the air to escape. If so try raising the pipe or hose so it always goes downhill into the tank.
gasoline filling problem

Thanks guys for the help, I'll trace the line tomorrow.


P.S. It sure is nice to be able to go somewhere and get answers quickly :)