Gauge readings

In a 94 Coachmen, gauge readings vary when the ammeter reading changes. For example, when the charge rate goes down, (by turning on the headlights) temperature goes up, fuel level goes down and oil pressure goes down.

Has anyone out there experienced the same problem and fixed it?

C Nash

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Re: Gauge readings

Sounds like a ground problem. I would first make sure that the battery cables are clean and tight. Check where the negetive cable from the battery is grounded. You may have a bad cluster ground. What chassis do you have? In your other post you said you had a brake problem also. These problems could be connected. Do you have ABS brakes? If so, could be the controller you hear poping.
Re: Gauge readings

Chelse, thanks for the reply. I've checked the soundness of the grounds behind the instruments. Battery cables are very clean and tight. I have a feeling there must be an intermediate grounding point between batteries and instruments.

The RV is on a Spartan chassis. I don't think the brakes are ABS. I'll have to do some research to learn that. The crack noise is a one-time thing that signals the brakes are ok again. Any other thoughts?
Re: Gauge readings

You might try running a temporary wire, maybe 12 ga, directly from the instrument ground to the battery ground. That won't fix the problem but it might point you in the right direction.

Len Silva