Gd Day guys and gals A very sturdy RexHall motorhome has been abandoned on my ranch.

Michael Rogers

New Member
It has been neglected and mistreated but not damaged. it was made by Chevrolet in 12/1987 before going to RexHall industries to be made into a motorhome.
I've had many trailers and motorhomes and this one ranks at the top along with the Spartan Aircraft trailer I bought in the 50's to go to University in, this is an ideal restoration project, it needs refurbishment of everything including the woodwork of course. Mechanically, it has the GIANT 454 cuin chevvy engine (probably--could be a 396)--still a monster, My Winny has a 460 but is much bigger, My Trojan had a 440 and could blow off the trucks climbing hills so unnecessarily large. I've another class C with a 318 4 BBL that works fine with much better mileage! Maybe a 350 would work better on this--don't need to do wheelstands with the little thing.
anyone know where I can see what this girl looked like when she was young?