general problem with Domestic fridg


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I just purchased a used 04 Dnyamax Starflyte. i picked it up in Fl and drove it home to Tx. It is great shape, but didnt come with any manuals.
My question is the domestic fridg in the unit has a panel about that says on/off. auto or gas, with little led's. I made the assumption that when i turn the gen on it would switch to ac from gas, but it stays on gas. Should it change or is it only when its connected to shore power?


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Re: general problem with Domestic fridg

Usually RV fridges have 3 or 4 modes. Off, On Auto, On Gas and sometimes On AC. If it is On AC, it will only work when 120v AC is present. If it is On Gas, it will only work from propane. And if it is On Auto, it will use Electric if available otherwise switch to gas. Usually you toggle through the modes.

On Gas is usually used when you are starting up, as gas cooling is more effective than the electric cooling. Otherwise, On Auto is usually a good choice. Check that you are in this mode (probably, the auto LED is lit). As far as the refridgerator is concerned, the generator should be identical to shore power.


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Re: general problem with Domestic fridg

I will assume that your refrigerator is from Dometic? If so it should have three modes, auto, gas and AC. When in auto it should choose the 120V power source, no matter where it comes from.