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Is it true that the generator's fuel is supplied by the vehicle fuel tank? Is it also true that the generator will not operate with less than 1/4 of gas in it? I ask this because my generator was working fine until it reached 1/4 tank. I heard that may be the reason. Thanks. :bleh:

C Nash

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Generator Advice

Is this in a class A rv? If so, most will not operate with less than a full tank so you will not run all the tank gas out while operating the gen. Most also run off the vehicle fuel tank
Generator Advice

Thank you. It is a class C, 1984 model rockwood. The generator has 400 hours on it. That makes sense, thanks for the tip. I hope i didn't ruin anything when i moved the throttle! Thanks again.
Generator Advice

Actually, I just moved the throttle to help speed up the idle. The fact that the fuel tank was below 1/4 explains it. The generator is 21 years old so it probably wasnt the first time someone played with the throttle. One more question, the rv has two fuel tanks, does the generator run off of either of them or does it run off of one particular tank only?