generator size??


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We would like to buy a generator to run our ac, mic, if we go to a site that has no electric, does anyone know what size generator we would need?? Any help on this matter would be appreciated.
generator size??

the AC by itself will probably need about 3,000 watts. If you are going to use the microwafe and AC together I would go with a 4,000-5,000 watt generator. On both appliances the start up load can be a lot higher than the running load.


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generator size??

The Honda EU series is very popular, due to the quietness and the cleanness of the power. I was able to run my AC off of my EU3000, although I had to install an 'easy start' kit in the A/C to do that. I can run the microwave as well, but only after the A/C is running. Many people prefer 2 EU2000 2000 watt generators with a connection cord, providing more power in a smaller, more easily managable (but easier to steal) package.

If size/weight is not an issue, Yamaha has a competitor to the EU3000 which uses the starting battery to provide a 'boost' to the power capability, making their 3000 watt generator more like a 3500 watt generator.