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The Honda 3000 cannot be 'installed' in a trailer. It should not be run while in an enclosure. If you have a compartment big enough, you can cut a hole in the floor and winch the generator into and out of the compartment from above. Lower it to run, raise it to move. Have some boards which span the hole to set the generator on while under way.

My 3000 is mounted in the back of my truck, right behind the cab. I have a 1/3 fiberglass cover which protects it from rain, etc.

If the trailer and the bumper will stand it, you may be able to have a carrier on the back of the trailer which holds the generator.

If none of these options will work for you, you may want to trade in the 3000 for 2 2000 and the connection cable...

I'm wondering why a generator can't be setting on the trailer frame when running? Is it the noise and vibration created through the trailer frame from the generator? :question:

Otherwise, I can't see why a person couldn't mount it at an outside wall. Cut open the outside wall. Create a door to access the generator. Have vents in the door. Have the floor open except for the mounting. Could even get fancy and have a crank open window frame in the door....only put in wood instead of windows. This should provide plenty of air for the generator. Makes sense to extend the exhaust pipe routing directly outside the trailer. Of course you would have walls sealed to the inside of the trailer. ????????? :shy:


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I have a 600 watt Toro mounted on my rear bumper for transport, it viberates the trailer WAY too much to run it there, and its a very quite smooth runner (actually a Honda). Cutting a hole in the side or front or rear of any rv is a lot easier said than done, there just isn't that kind od unused space in most RV's. Some 5er's have a generator box, but most don't, I've seen generators mount on extended A frame hitchs of TT, and yes exhaust fumes would be a major consern. Jim I to think your best bet on the Honda 3000 would be the back of the truck. :bleh: :approve: