Georgetown by Forest River

Had had winshields shattering and popping out of gaskets on each side and once popped out on drivers without breaking, within 10,000mi. think it is a defect in construction. Has any else had this problem would like to hear from you. Thanks Frank@ Marilyn Spieth
Re: Georgetown by Forest River

I have 04 370XL with the same problem. We are not alone,there are many Georgetown's that were assembled wrong on the front caps. My 370 is back at the factory for the third time in less then a year. The first time Jan. an Feb. 06 left windshield cracking in the curve, right side pulling away from cap.They pulled the top of the cap over and reinforced it,glued the windshield to the gasket and the gasket to the fiberglass. JUly 06 it pulled apart. The windshield move to the left leaving a gap that the top. Second trip to the factory July 06 they replaced the gasket .Uritain the windshield to the gasket and the gasket to the cap,pluging the holds up at the top. This pulled apart when on the way back to me. Adout six inches top right. I got it back in good enought to go to Gulfshores in Sept. It is back in the factory now. The front is out at the top left to right about three inches. If you hold a strethedge on the side of your motorhome you will see the same thing. There is more then just these two with is problem. Forest River will try to fix or patch the problem.
Re: Georgetown by Forest River

Its not just Forest River with that problem. Over the years several manufacturers have had the same problem. Sometimes its as simple as the hole is too tight. Other times its too much flexing in the windshield area. The former problem is easy to fix but the latter is tougher to fix. I wish you all the luck getting your problem solved.