Georgie Boy Cruise Master


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Does anyone know about Georgie Boy motor homes??
We're thinking of buying a 2004 Cruise Master 3755TS. It seems like a well built unit with 3 slides, a Workhorse W-22 chassis, and all the bells and whistles.

Thanks, The Kepka's


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Georgie Boy Cruise Master

We are fulltime in a 98 Cruise Master and have been very satisfied. We have been on the road for nearly five years with no more than the usual problems and no really major ones. The Cruise Master is the high end of the Georgie Boy gas chassis line and has an excellent reputation.

The only issue that I would be concerned about is that of CCC. I don't know where you stand on it with this coach, but I have read several reviews of coaches that when built on the W-22 were very lacking in carrying capacity. You should have at least 1200# in a coach of that size. It seems that the W-22 weighs about 1000# more than the F-53 in the same ratings as coaches built on it seem to have 1000# more CCC. Other than that issue, it should be a good choice.