Getting into gear? Help


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hi Allison Man

I have a 95 Monaco with a MD3060 w/touchpad. The thing that happens is every once in a while when trying to press into gear, a steady beep is audible and it just blinks without going into gear.

There was a power interuption once upon a time, (when the shutdown solenoid didnt shut the engine off but the electric did), but that has been fixed.

Is there a way to clear this issue and perhaps get the computer to reset on this? Or is this just a coincidence with the power issue and its a wire somewhere or something like that? I will check for codes tonight.

If we push enough buttons back and forth from N to D, N to R etc. eventually it will kick into gear and then run fine for quite a while. It only seems to do this once in a while. About every 6th start or so.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks Much!