Getting ready to roll

Hello all...
I have had my travel trailer in one camp ground for the last 2.5 years and not moved at all but taken care of. I am in the military and getting ready to move on to another place. My question is? Is there something I need to do or look at before I get on the road. It came from Texas and been on the road from Texas to New York and thats all. The tires were covered the entire time? Any help before I get on the road. Thanks :eek:


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Re: Getting ready to roll

I'd worry about the tires having dry rot, even if the tread looks good/great. Check really closely for any cracks on the side walls on inside/outside of each tire. Any rust? if so, take care of it. Brakes in good shape (Assume it has brakes)?


Re: Getting ready to roll

I agree better get some new tires ,, cause they will be a pain down the road.... :)