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I can not find my GFCI plug for my 2003 Cameo 5th wheel. Does anyone know where that is located? I looked at the booklet that was given to me when I bought it. It says it is located in the exterior bathroom & kitchen. Can't find it anywhere! :question: Can anyone help me??? It is Model No. F30RLS, Serial No 5219.


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Re: GFCI Plug

It possible the plugs in your kitchen and bath are wired to a GFCI breaker in the AC panel. If this is true, there should be a test button on some of the breakers.


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Re: GFCI Plug

The most common place is the bathroom outlet. It will be one of the outlets and it will have a test button and a reset button as well as the place to plug things in. One of them will turn off all of the outlets wired through it.