ghost towns and mining towns

tnarvs;81782 said:
thanks Chris ,, i have not been to St Elmo ,, but spent alot of time in Antonito, CO ,, and they have great fishing and also some great old towns that were once mining and ghost towns ,, but they re did them ,, now a big tourist area ,,, but i will for sure ck out St Elmo ,, thanks :)
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Further west from Antonito is Durango. If you take US 550 over Red Mountain Pass, at the top of the pass is the mining area of Red Mountain, some mining buildings are still there for you to look over, and the pass itself is very scenic and it drops you into Ouray which is occupied, but is a nice small town. Also, if you have some type of 4-wheel drive, I would reccommend taking the Black Bear Road (jeep road) into Telluride. The road is tough, but very scenic and lots of mining history and a few partial buildings are still around. It was made popular by C.W. McCall with a song by the same name. The same singer who sang the 1970's CB song "convoy".