Goodhyear Tires


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Goodyear G614 Load range G are bad news. Even with 110 PSI tire pressure as recommended by Goodyear they will come apart ie tread seperates from tire. We lost 3 before figuring out the problem. Seems they cannot run on hot highways. Tread splits straight arcross width of tire and then comes off just like a recap on truck trailer tire. Goodyear will not admit to any problems and refuse to pay for trailer damage and only the tires if you return casing and tread to them. We have been talking to alot of full timers about this problem and it seems to be the rule with this tire rather than the exception. Several tire dealers said they have heard of this problem and recommend going to 17 or 19.5 inch tire if you have the clearance.

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Re: Goodhyear Tires

Go Michelin. I had trouble with GoodYear and swithched to Michelin 9 years ago and haven't had any problems. I use the 4 steel belts and 1 steel belt in the sidewalls ( RIB XPS). :laugh: