Gooseneck /5th wheel conversion


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Has anyone used the new conversion kits, for a gooseneck hitch that converts to a 5th wheel hitch, wondering if the were safe enough to use and the ride of the 5th wheel, the company that makes them is BW, turnoverball and 5th wheel hitch companion.

We started out with a living quaters gooseneck horse trailer,( only a year old) now husband wants biger camper for when we don't take horse and bring the grand kids!!! Got to love this guy!!! :laugh:

Gary B

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Gooseneck /5th wheel conversion

Hi littlesusie, have not used them and wouldn't as I don't care for gooseneck hitchs. I've had serval gooseneck trailers and they are much harder to hitch up then a 5th wheel where you can see the king pin and hitch, you don't have to be dead on to hitchup, locking a 5er hitch is simple and requires no saftey chains, keep in mind all ball type couplers(which a gooseneck is) require saftey chains in most if not all states and many states due not allow riding in a trailer that has a ball type couplper. :) :cool: :approve: