Grand Canyon in second week of April


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Hi, I and my wife were thinking of making a 1 week trip to Grand Canyon the second week of April. Acutally we have never been there, and some friends told us that it is too cold in April to go there. First question: do you think that it is worthwhile the trip from Wisconsin in those dates??
We were thinking also of renting a motor home to make the trip ... we both with a 2 years old child. Do you think that it would be cheaper or more fun than staying in a hotel of motel???
I would appreciate very much any sugestions
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Grand Canyon in second week of April

Motor home rentals tend to be pretty pricy, in the $800 per week range. Plus you need to pay the lot rental ($10 to $50 per night at commercial lots although free is possible) and they usually get crummy milage (4 to 8 MPG). Of course, you can save big by carrying cheap groceries rather than eating at expensive resturants. Still, cheaper? I doubt it; it could be as much as twice the cost of using your own vehicle, depending on your ability to sleep and eat cheap.

More fun, probably, if you like that sort of lifestyle. It will probably be more comfortable 'on the road' in a motorhome over a car. Staying in the MH can be more or less comfortable than a hotel/motel depending on the cramp factor and how well the rental unit is equipped. Plus you don't have to carry your stuff into the room, unpack, repack and reload into the car.

Although it will probably be more pleasant going from Wisconsin to Arizona in a MH, it will be very annoying and perhaps unpleasant to go from campground to store... That is why most MH owners tow a small car (called a 'toad' which is 'towed' mispelled).