Grey and Black water tank maintenance

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Grey and Black water tank maintenance

Man You do have a problem :laugh: Didn't know I gave permission just my opinion which I guess you say I am not supposed to do :eek: My permission would be worthless on here anyway as I am just a poster like you. Hmmm' let me reread this was I called a jerk :laugh: . guess I am just to old fashion for some of the new fangle ideas.
Grey and Black water tank maintenance

We just returned from the RV Rally at Redmond, Oregon and attended many of the seminars, including one called "Odor-free Holding Tanks and Safe Drinking Water:Seminar D". Nothing at the seminar contradicts anything in the "Geo Method" and doing all this should keep things clean and odor free (based on the seminar). They did not mention the water softner, which certainly could not hurt anything, but they did mention using Oxy Powder, which I suppose is a soap/bleach (maybe) combination. They did mention dumping ice cubes in your black water tank is virtually useless, as you would need to fill the tank up in order to do any good. The biggest problem seems to be that people dump before the tank is full. Make sure the tank is full before you head to the dump station ... and refill, and dump twice!! Once there, and once when you get home. Yes ... I know that's a pain to drag a hose across the carpet and fill the black tank 2 more times ... but we DID have an odor problem, and that took care of it. As far a bleach, they recommended it ... but filling and flushing right away. I can't use it, because the smell makes me sick, but I will if the grey water starts acting up. As far as killing the organisms, I use bleach in my washing machine which dumps into my septic ... and I've lived here for 30 years, so it hasn't killed my septic system. Also ... you can smell the clorine in most city water systems ... and where does that go, but to the city sewer system. What my septic rep has told me is this: "Don't use Anti-bacterial Soap, as it will kill the septic action". Makes sense. So from what I've learned at the RV Rally, the Geo Method should work great and there are NO contradictions. Just my 2 cents!


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Grey and Black water tank maintenance

All that you actually need to use in your black tank under normal conditions is plain old water. As long as you use plenty of it, in most cases that is all that is needed. A good detergent mix when you travel will also help to clean the tanks. The commercial products will help with odors, particularly in hot weather. It is your thank though and none of the "smart" folks here will be around to help if the day should come when you pull the valve and nothing comes out. (I won't either, for that matter!) All that I advise is that you think about what the result will be, before you choose any product or home remedy. And ask those who feel so strongly that they know so much, to put into writing a guarantee that what they promote will work. And make it one backed up with money, not just more words!

I am always amazed by the fact that some people will assume that anything that is found to cause cancer in California is too dangerous to use! Does anyone know who that is?

Hostess, not all Americans are rude and promote Canada and Canadians as unfriendly. We have very much enjoyed our Canadian friends and we welcome you to our country and plan to visit yours again next summer.
Grey and Black water tank maintenance

Look here, Kirk (you pompous nitwit), since I'm not selling anything why should I (or would I) offer a guarantee? Does ANYONE do that? I'll tell you one thing, apparently RVers who've actually tried The Geo Method find that it works well. Why don't you go find something worth opposing with such single-minded determination? Go back to the doctor, old boy, and tell him you need your medication(s) adjusted. They ain't working. Take a breather, Kirk. It may not seem like it at the moment, but Old Geo and his method isn't worth the effort you're putting into him.

Update: This Idiot is now hounding me on three - yes, three(!) - RV forums.

You're right, SnowbirdInFlight, it IS starting to seem as though he's stalking me on the internet. This fellow's perspective is WAY out of whack.
Grey and Black water tank maintenance

Well Geo it just ticks me off how some people think they have the answer to everything. 'Cliff's' the kind of guy that would try and tell a woman how it feels to give birth, lol. But I say, unless he's actually done it himself, I'll ignore everything he says about the subject! :laugh:


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Grey and Black water tank maintenance

Wow, and I just came on to hopefully learn a better way to clean my black water tank, being a new owner and all. I started reading and couldn't believe how much black water was mixed in with the responses I ended up reading. Everybody keeps telling me how friendly everyone in the camping world is and how helpful they are, but this was a real surprise. I thought these forums were for discussions of things people had questions about or had tried with either a success story or perhaps one of failure or a hey better not try that cause it won't work. (Or something like that) not people getting so hot under the collar when someone posts an idea or a try this suggestion, it may work, or it has worked for me before, only to get blasted for trying to help. I've spent thirty minutes reading what sounds like four year olds who can't play nicely together. I'm sure I'll be called rude for saying that too, but my goodness, isn't this supposed to be a place to either ask a question, post information, whether tried and true, or experimental and let everyone make up their own minds and either use the information or not. Maybe it should be used to even post a question to a response that someone has provided as to its usefulness or validity without the original posting person taking it like a knife in the heart or like their intelligence has been insulted. You all sound like reasonably intelligent individuals, so I don’t believe it’s that your not smart enough to make your own minds up, it just sounds like too much anger because someone didn’t listen to what you had to say as gospel. So, blast me if you need to, it’s OK, I won’t take it personally. After all I am just posting my opinion (no judgements, just statements)like everyone else and we all know that in the grand scheme of things, none of it really matters at all. We should all just do what works for us. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought all forums had a moderator, at least all of the other ones that I have joined do, If this one does, they are asleep at the keyboard. Thanks for all of conversation surrounding Very Black Water. Happy camping to everyone.

Making someday happen now, cause if I don’t, it may never.
Grey and Black water tank maintenance

CJ, look at the dates on the posts before you develop your comments, please.

You are commenting on (and reviving) something that happened mostly a year ago. Yes, people did get "hot" on this subject, but that has not been the case since then. Your comments relative to that ("four year olds") tend to revive the 'debate' and not the RV issues addressed.

Welcome to the forum, but please read and post more before you make these kinds of statements: "I thought all forums had a moderator, at least all of the other ones that I have joined do, If this one does, they are asleep at the keyboard." How would you know, being so new here?

You have jumped in here and reopened old wounds. Please remember that this is not a DEBATE forum. There are forums like that elsewhere.

This is an RV forum for RV issues. You are correct in drawing from the technical information presented throughout this long thread, but I think your comments (as a whole) tend to be inflammatory in themselves and don't make "Happy camping to everyone", as you say.

As you also say, don't take this personally. I hope you become more than a "1 Posts" member.

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Grey and Black water tank maintenance

Hey CJ. Welcome to the fun forum. The lack of a totally censoring moderator is what makes this forun fun. I've been on forums that shut all disagreeing thought off in the middle of the thought and I did not think they met the fundamentals of the Americam way. You know the freedom of speech idea. Censorship is what the ACLU practices in the name of free speech. :evil: Bad boy. Bad boy. Happy camping to you to. :clown: