grey tank "insulation"?

What is the expansion foam looking stuff that is around the grey tank? I need to remove it to check for a leak. What is proper material to insulate it with? Any suggestions of what to use if I find a crack or some thing? Thank you so much for your time. This site has been a wealth of information. My wife and I are loving our 22 year old RV.


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Re: grey tank "insulation"?

There are shops that can weld the plastics that RV waste tanks are made of. I have also seen kits that are supposed to work in repairing them but have heard pretty bad reports on most of those.

The foam that is around it is a spray on product. I am not aware of any place that you can purchase it. Perhaps someone here, maybe one of the dealers, might just know how to come by some?


Re: grey tank "insulation"?

As Kirk said it would be better so seek out a company that can plastic weld the crack back for u ,,, the bumping and beating the rv goes thru ,, makes most stickon type stuff come loose after a bit ...
As far as the insulation stuff ,, i use a product called Handi Foam ,, i buy mine thru Stagparkway ,, it's the same stuff that u can insulate interior walls with .. it comes in a gallon can ,, but u have to use a spray foam gun setup ...
For u ,, the price of the equipment to spray it ,, isn't worth it for one time use ...
Talk to u'r dealer and see what they use ,, i'm sure they can point u in the right direction... :approve: :)
Re: grey tank "insulation"?

thank you both. I am going to pull off the foam and try to track down the source of the leak. I feel pretty confident that if i can find the leak i can fix it. I just wasn't sure about the foam that is around the tank.