Gulf Stream Super C

I live in the Seattle area and have recently come across a used 31 foot Gulf Stream Super C. It's looks like a nice ride, but it seems "big" on the outside. I am relatively new to RV'ing and haven't seen these before.

The sales guy says it has an 8.1 litre Chevy in it. He hasn't answered most of my questions directly, because I think he doesn't know!

Anyways, does anyone know the ability of the 31 foot Gulf Stream Super c with an 8.1 litre Ford motor in it to pull a boat that weighs about 3500-4000 lbs? the Super C definitely weighs more than the typical 31 foot Class C standard frame.
Re: Gulf Stream Super C

You said Ford, but it is a Chevy motor. I think it will pull your weight just fine. The 8.1 is GM's biggest production engine. Plenty of power but check with the nearest GM dealer to find out what it is rated for. I had a 2002 8.1 in a 3500 Dually and it towed 12,000 just fine, as long as it had gas.
Re: Gulf Stream Super C

thanks for your response. Thanks for he clarification - Chevy 8.1 litre.....go it. I assume that you mean as long as it had gas, that it gobbles it up....