Gulf Stream Travel Trailers-- are they any good?


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Re: Gulf Stream Travel Trailers-- are they any good?

I took the great warranty and world class customer service over the cheap fixtures and would do that again. I wish Gulfstream just didn't include the cheap fixtures at all! The appliances (except DVD player) and light fixtures are top notch. We have been happy with our Gulfstream and our Gulfstream dealer and are planning on keeping it for years to come.
rivver;n7508 said:
I have an opportunity to get a gulfstream travel trailer 36FRS Conquest, and I have heard mixed reviews about the company... anyone have anything to say, good or bad about the company , the customer service, the products they produce, and/or anything else?
I bought a Gulfstream Innsbruck within the last year.We love the trailer and the layout but I have to say that I cannot recommend this company. lots of shortcuts and tons of quality control issues. Reaching a body at Gulfstream can be discouraging. If you need cosmetic parts, its next to impossible to order parts. Without going into rambling detail, I would have bought a nice used rv over this new one. Customer service after the sale is not a priority with Gulfstream. I regret my purchase and there's nothing I can can do about except live with it. Hopefully the bugs will be worked out one day. Also beware of the tires that come on them. If you decide on a Gulfstream, insist on a name brand tire. Thanks.