Gunk on Outside Motorhome


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I purchased a 33' 86 Fleetwood MH that the previous owner had used a glue gun to seal cracks, etc on the rear of the RV. Where this was done looks terrible to say the least. If I sand it flat I'll most likely have to have the whole RV repainted. Anyone have any ideas/experience with this sort of thing? Except where this was done the RV is in good shape.
It seems a shame to have to paint the entire RV for a half dozen spots in the rear.
Gunk on Outside Motorhome

:evil: You mean hot glue???? Use a hair dryer to warm it up and a solvent to soften and remove it. Use your favorite solvent (the one you have laying around).

My list of solvents include diesel fuel, charcoal BBQ starter, WD40, lighter fluid, gasoline, and rubbing alcohol. Remember... this stuff is flamable and has fumes so work outdoors. :approve:


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Gunk on Outside Motorhome

Might also try Castrol (in the purple gal container at Wally World) degreaser. I've removed all kinds of stuff, including desolving of caulking, etc.
Good luck
Gunk on Outside Motorhome

Judy, But don't use a hair dryer and solvents together PUFF the magic dragion might by your name after that ( why Just BeClaus)