H2O not going to hot water heater


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I bought a 1992 Prowler this summer and took it on one short trip. All went pretty well except when I hooked up the water to the unit, the hot water heater didn't fill. On my old pop-up, the tank would fill automatically. (Actually, the pop-up was newer -- 1997.) Is there some kind of bypass that I need to look for?

Also, where can I get one of those blowout adapters that can hook up my air compressor to the water system to blow out the lines? I couldn't find one on the Campingworld site.

C Nash

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Re: H2O not going to hot water heater

Your water heater probably has a bypass and was shut off to winterize. Look at the inlet pipe on the heater and it should be there. You can find the blowout adapters at walmart.