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Hi wantabees, some states allow you to tow a small trailer/boat behind a 5th wheel, they limit the overall length, like here in MN. the overall length can not exceed 60 feet, and the 5th wheel trailer is limited to 28 feet, and the tow truck must be capable of handling the combined load.
Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: ;) :approve:

I think we solved our problem a 40' Alpha Toy Hauler, now it's not what I would call luxury and it a little crowded when the bikes are in the garage that leaves 25' of living space but when the bikes are out we have a nice size sun room on top of the living space. We are in the final stages of kicking it around we bought a 2002 International that has been converted yesterday. We are either going to go with the toy hauler of a 36' regular Alpha Trailer any recommendations. I am sure getting excited about full timing and not having the ranch and work to worry about. Thanks for the info, any other words of wisdom you would like to pass on two these two novice we would appreciate it.

Hello! I just saw a neat combo. These RV'rs had a toad with a dropped center! It was a small van-type auto with a dropped channel down the center between the seats. There was a ramp at the rear. This guy just drove his Harley right up into it! (He ducked!) It was neat. Once he tied it down, he folded up the ramp and closed the back gate. :approve: