Has anyone bought used from CruiseAmerica?

We are taking an RV trip across the US and back here to the Seattle area - over 8000 miles. Rental companies want around $5000 for rent and mileage. We are considering buying an RV instead. CruiseAmerica sells used RV's from their fleet with a 12-month warranty, which is very appealing. Also, their prices seem reasonable(!) For example, they have a 2001 Fleetwood Tioga 24D with a Triton V10 for $19K with 66K miles on it. I don't think we will lose $5000 if we turn around and sell it again.

I appreciate your thoughts on this!

Has anyone bought used from CruiseAmerica?

Sounds like a good deal to me. Just make sure you check it out all over.
Good Luck
Has anyone bought used from CruiseAmerica?

Hi Linda I live in Seattle and plase let me know how this turns ou t and if you don't buy, Why? :) Thanks Donna
Has anyone bought used from CruiseAmerica?

Hi, Donna,

We bought a 2001 Tioga from Cruise America on Saturday! At 19K it was way under Blue Book wholesale even with 66K miles on it. We were told upfront that it was a 1999 house on a 2001 Ford E 450 chassis. It is a good, basic motorhome. They thoroughly inspect them as they come in and out of rental and this one just got new brakes the day we looked at it. It is also getting 6 new tires, new mattresses, window treatments, and a new paint job with Tioga stripes in place of the Cruise America "billboard". It made sense to us to get the 100,000 mile warranty because it is transferrable - a good selling point if we decide to sell it. We were very happy with our saleperson, Sandee, who is very low-key, and also very busy selling these things. She said that of the 75 she has sold, none of them has come back...

We pick it up in a couple of weeks.



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Has anyone bought used from CruiseAmerica?

Please come back to let us know what you think once you get it, and also in six months. It is one of the things that comes up frequently and yet few ever return to let us know how it worked out over the long term.
Has anyone bought used from CruiseAmerica?

We just returned from our trip around the USA - about 8500 miles. The RV performed flawlessly. Total problems: 1 lost hubcap. I would definitely recommend buying used from CruiseAmerica - at least in Everett, WA.