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Hi, I am planning on retiring in about a year to go full-timing. I am leaning towards a fifth wheel over a travel trailer, but I have one question/problem. I want to be able to take my motorcycle, which weighs about 550#, so that I can use it when I am camped.

With a fifth wheel how would I be able to take the motorcycle? The only way I can see is to somehow attach it to the rear of the trailer, but that is a lot of weight. Is there another way to carry the motorcycle or would I be better off buying a travel trailer so that I can carry the bike in the truck bed?


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If I can remember the name of it I will post again. I saw a 5th wheel with a motorcycle lift on the back. It had a single wheel that rode on the ground for support.You could even back it up. The guy said it worked great.
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In some states that motorcycle carrier with a dolly wheel is considered a second trailer and in not legal. Va is one of those states. Check local laws before buying one.

Sunset Creek, by Sunnybrook, has just come out with a travel trailer that has a cargo area in the rear for up to 800lbs. It has a side ramp for loading. Enough space for motorcycle, ATV, maybe a golf cart. They also have fifth wheel toy haulers.
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Thanks for the information and suggestions. Thankfully, I have time to investigate the best way to haul my motorcycle.

No one answered my last question, and that was "would it be better to buy a travel trailer so that I could haul the bike in the truck bed"? Hauling the bike in the truck bed with a travel trailer would be easier, cheaper, and more convenient than with a 5th Wheel, BUT are the benefits of owning a 5th Wheel enough to offset this?



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Beachcomer, If you move frequently a 5th wheel is easier to hook-up, it tows better, and they generally have more compartment storage space. Most full-timers prefer 5'ers to TT's. However, if you can transport your motorcycle in the bed of your truck it may be a good trade off. How easy will it be to load/unload the motorcycle. I used to load/unload motocross bikes in the bed of my pickup, but they only weighed 200 lbs ea. 550 lbs sounds like work.
Maybe it's relative to one's age.
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This year we have had 2 customers trade off their 5th Wheels for Travel Trailers, so they could haul Golf Carts in the bed of their truck. Neither one is "full time". I also agree that 5th wheels tow better.

Don't think there is a clear answer to your question.