Have 5th Wheel, Will Travel!


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I am retired and waiting one more year for my wife to retire to hit the road. I love to travel and am interested in traveling with a couple. I would provide the 5th wheel and crew cab truck with me driving and the guest paying for camping fees, fuel, food etc.
I am open to going anywhere the guest would like to go with your itinerary. I have 13 years of experience fulltiming 3 months each summer. I am very familiar with all areas around Lake Superior and have traveled to Nova Scotia and the other Maritimes. Aso very knowledgeable about WI, MN and MI sites and RV Travel.
I have researched the RV lifestyle in depth and am very knowledgeable about makes of 5th wheels and factors involved in their selection and towing and vehicle selection.
If you might be interested in some travel, especially if you are thinking of a "Fiver", and would like to test the water please feel free to contact me at rvnlillys@yahoo.com

LIKENIT "OneLuckyGuy"