heater/ac motor?


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I need some help. I have a 89 Holiday Rambler class A on a Chevy chassis. My heat/ac fan motor hasbegun to work intermitantly. Typical GM. Mot you give them a good thump when they stop and they work after that. My problem is that I can't locate the motor. I can hear it when it runs and it seems o sound like it is uner dash at the right side. I checked the front end and find a large box cowl that I wold suggest covers the heating and cooling coils but no motor and to take this cowl off involves taking the front end off the MH as well as the cooling and heating pipes. When I look under the dash I can see another box that looks like a distribution box for the heat/cooling ductwork as a half dozen come of this box. I am not sure how hard i is too get at as it seems to me that the entire dash may have to come out before I can access this box. Long and short, any suggestions?


RE: heater/ac motor?

The motor should not really be a prob to get to ,, what i would suggest is turn the blower on and listen and feel around the area u described ,, the blower motor should be inside the coach ,, at least the one i had was ,, and it looked as if it were a pain in the A-- to get to but turned out ,, not a prob at all,, I had a 87 cross country with a chevy chassis ,, and besides tons of carb probs,,, that is the only other prob i had was the blower motor ,,, please post us back on the venture into this prob..
Hopefully somebody can show some insight on u'r prob ;)
RE: heater/ac motor?

look under the hood if I remember correctly the blower is located on the HVAC box mounted on the pass side is a pain to get to but can be done. however if it is the model I think it is and the evaporator or heater core fail sell it as you have to remove the front cap to change it ( should have seen the look on the customers face when my service writer told him the core was 180 bucks and labor to install was 2500.00 and that if the windows broke or the cap cracked it would be more. they are very nice units but HR did not consider the service when they designed it or at least someone forgot how much room is needed for removal. but the blower should be no problem also chk the blower resistor as often they are the problem as connections get dirty and start to burn and often a good thump will make them work as well. I say this since you don't know where the motor is and it could be that when you hit it you are getting the connector at the resistor to move and make contact. if the blower runs quiet when working it may not be bad might just be a connection and changing the motor won't likely fix it