Heating at low cost


We have a 28 foot fifth wheel. We found the first night out that the power (battery) in the unit is no where near what we need to heat the camper over night. I am looking for something that will keep us from freezing at as low a cost as possible. Of course safety is #1. I know I can put two golf cart batteries and on paper that should do the trick without a problem. I was wondering if there is a keroseen heater that is a bit smaller than the ones that you may have in your house that would do the job in the camper. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help

Gary B

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Heating at low cost

Hi Gary, if your going to use a protable heater look into the catalytic heaters, they are the best for saftey, they do not produce CO, but will use up some oxygen, the new units are equipped with low oxygen sensors, and will shut down if low oxygen is present, also a rough rule is for every 3500 btu they use the same amount of oxygen as a person, cracking a vent will prevent low oxygen. The keroseen heater will produce CO a deadly gas. The 2 6VDC batteries will work if you have the room to install them, and would be the least expense. :) :cool: :approve: