Help finding a Cab Over Utility Box


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I have seen on the highway a number of times a cab over truck cap. It was not a full truck camper. It was in fact only as wide as the truck bed. They did not even have windows but did extend over the cab.

I need something like that with little or no build out inside. Just a framed and skined utility cab over would be fine. I plan to modify the interior for work use and occasional hunting etc.

I have been told that they are manufactured...and not just a guys custom built item. However, no one seems to know a source.

Any help or leads would help



Ed H.

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Help finding a Cab Over Utility Box

Start calling truck cap dealers. Some of them do custom fabrication and can make just what you need. It may take a few tries, but one of them should be able to set you up.

John Harrelson

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Help finding a Cab Over Utility Box

Hi Mel,

Check the area around Raleigh, North Carolina. Search the yellow pages online for that area.
They were selling them in several places in Raleigh back when I lived there in the 1960's.

But were too expensive for my pocketbook, almost $300 each. and if you wanted a roof vent and a front window and rear door window so you could use your rear view mirror, they were over $400 ...

Remember to ask about "Campers" when talking to southerners because all "Caps", "Truck Tops", etc are called Campers in the deep south..

best wishes,