Help for RV newbie..............

Hello, I'm based in the UK and am looking at purchasing my first RV for full-timing.
I have looked at a 1997 Holiday Rambler Endeavour 36ft with 5.9 24Valve Cummins pusher and Allison gearbox. It has a side-out and excellent interior finishings.
It is for sale at Dudleys RV here in the UK for £89500, can anyone tell me if this seems a reasonable price :question:
Also, has anyone here had experience with Dudleys RV (based in Witney, UK).

Any info that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.


Help for RV newbie..............

Hi Darran,
A 1997 Holiday Rambler Endeavour would list over here for around $70,000 or just about £42,000 if my math is correct.