Help! Mushrooms growing in my carpeting!


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We have a 2002 Springdale with double slides. It has been permantly parked since purchasing brand new 5 1/2 ago at a camping resort in North-Central Wisconsin. I keep an extremely clean trailer. It still looks brand new inside. We winterize every year, but do not close the slide outs because they have supports underneath and siding from ground to trailer bottom. We have never had a water problem anywhere inside the RV. We just noticed 2 mushrooms growing in the carpeting right next to the bed slide-out. I also just noticed that the wood base board right next to the kitchen slide is water stained. Again, never noticed any water problem there either. We did have a problem this past winter with our vinyl flooring cracking and seperating. We had all the vinyl replace and tore out much of the carpet this past spring. We use the trailer frequently - we are there at least 2-3 times per month. Are there leaks in our slides? Where do we start to look for the problem?

Appreciate any advice you can give.


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Re: Help! Mushrooms growing in my carpeting!

You have a leak some where, maybe. It may be at the seals or the roof of the slide. It could be condensation due to the temperature variations in the slide area. Or it could be a dead air space. Its hard to say when you aren't there to look when is raining ect.