Help request from overseas (UK) newbie!

We are planning a honeymoon. We intend to rent an RV and head from New York out into New England for a week in September.

Now before you all fall off your chairs laughing, has anyone got any tips to pass on as regards destinations, dos and do nots about RV'ing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ed H.

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Help request from overseas (UK) newbie!

Congratulations! The honeymoon on wheels idea is great.
I assume you are planning to rent a motorhome. Unless you are used to driving large trucks, a class C unit would be the best choice. It would be about the size of a parcel delivery van and somewhat easier to park than a larger unit. Since you would be making you plans from overseas, I would reccomend contacting a national rental company as they generally can address any issues that may come up (licence, insurance, etc.)
As for what to see, there is plenty in New England. Do you like nature? culture? history? We have it all right here. There are several "living museums", art museums, and natral splendor galore. Send me an e-mail with your preferences, and I can help you set up an intinerary.