Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

I have obviously upset some of you by my "troll" post. I am sorry. You are right, judge not, lest though be judged. I am not a part of your group and I will be disappearing after this final post. When I found your site I was amazed at the fear and negativity expressed by some of you regarding the evacuees. You seem so quick to judge evacuees because there are a few bad apples in the bunch. You seem to talk much more about the perverts out there than the thousands of good people in need. Your negative attitudes and remarks saddened me and scared. I really would never expect any of you to "loan" or "give" your RV to evacuees unless you had the personal wealth to do so without it affecting you negatively. My post was more about your attitudes than your actions. I am sorry that I judged you. I hope at the very least I have made you think about what God calls us all to do, Love Your Neighbor. I know that many of you have done all that you can and more to help and for that I am thankful. I will be asking HIM to forgive me for judging you, I hope you will do the same. By the way, my husband really did write the second post without my knowledge because he loves me. No conspiracy here.
Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

Thank you for being woman enough to come back and apologize. I too apologize for calling you a 'troll'. Usually a troll in the message board world is one who comes on and 'starts' an argument. Sorry, if I thought that was your intent.

I pray for all the victims of not just Katrina, but Rita as well. My husband and I intend to visit the nearest Air Base tomorrow to buy a few cases of can goods (as many as we can afford) and take them to the Salvation Army as 100% of their donations actually do go to the victims unlike the 91% from the Red Cross.

Again, good luck with all the work you are doing. God Bless.

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Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

jesusfreak, all I can say for somebody working 18hrs/day you seem to have a whole bunch of time to harrass the RV'ers. God bless. My son is down in Mississippi working his fanny off, courtesy of George Bush and "Rummy", so don't judge us or our families. Our RV's provide us with our mobility and freedom, so we are very protective of them.
Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

quote:Well Snowbird, I presume you know that Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. And if you go back and delete all the posts that were negative and didn't have something good to say this thread would be gone.

I do understand that, Krazeehorse, all I'm saying is that negitive or not, this thread was not about bashing the members of this board until JF posted. However, she has apologized for her rude behavior and I have apologized for thinking she was out to start an argument. It's all good. :laugh:
Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

Just been sitting back and cringing...

Have to say that everyone will help as they can. Whatever level that is, that is it. Being a Gulf Stream dealer, we have sold 3 trailers right at cost to a dealer in Alabama that had contacts with the Coast Guard and they bought them from him. Like most folks, I could not "give" them, but I did give up almost all profit.

I would have to say that MOST average folks, who work hard and have paid on trailers or motorhomes would not turn them over to strangers, where ever they come from. I know some will, but MOST won't.

Gulf Stream started making FEMA units after Andrew tore up FL. and they were the first manufacture to do so. One comment from folks that have been around a while at the factory is that you don't want them after they have been used. Most are apparently trashed. Think about it, like a rental car, it does not belong to them and they don't care. Apparently FEMA lets them be used, if needed, for 4 years. I hear stories that FEMA goes to get them, and the people have not even started rebuilding. They have been living in a free house, and guess what, they are out of a house again. I am sure that most do not end this way, but some apparently do.
Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

Grandview who does the transporting of the units to the stricken areas? I wrote two letters to two different places offering to transport a unit or more (thought that’s something we could do) but have not heard back from either place.
Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

Trailer manufactures have transport companies that do the delivering. In Nappannee In, there is Hoosier and RAD transport. They are the two that usually bring to me. I took my 3 trailers to AL because they were all busy and I am going to IN this week to get one because Gulf Stream cannot tell me when a driver will be free. I am sure they will like the help.
Help! RVs needed for Katrina Evacuees!

I can understand your skepticism, there are so many "bogus" websites out there. However, IS NOT one of them!

Through their efforts MT. Pilgrim Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, LA received the first RV on October 2nd! Another is on the way, and more are being coordinated through his web site!
Keep Up The Good Work Eric!

I have a web site at that is also successfully providing vehicles to families.

"In the extended and horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, housing is one of the most critical needs of the survivors. "Where will these people go...certainly FEMA cannot provide them all with trailers to live in."

There is something you may be able to do about it.

If you have been thinking that the RV or camper parked in your driveway could be used by one of the families desperately needing temporary housing, but had no idea how to directly contact a family that could use a your vehicle as temporary housing, now you can. Elizabeth Kirker, who has first-hand experience with having to relocate after a natural disaster, has created a website, which is located at, for this purpose. is providing direct communication between owners of RV's and Campers and the families left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

If this idea inspires you to let a family use your RV or Camper so they have somewhere to sleep at night and start planning for their future, please visit You will find families there that are praying that someone will hear them and respond.

The website is not non-profit, it is NO-PROFIT.

It's one more example of Americans doing what we do best..... helping others.